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Gig, freelance and extra work



Drive a cab or deliver food via Bolt. You choose your assignments via them directly in their app and thus gain control over your own schedule and income.

Read more about becoming  courier at Bolt or to drive Taxi for them.



Wolt offers fast food deliveries via its app. Here, just like for Uber & Bolt, you can work as a courier and find your next assignment directly in their app.

Read more about becoming a courier for Wolt here.  



TaskRunner is a platform where you can request help with services such as furniture assembly, garden help, moving & repair.

As a Runner, you can bid on the price for various assignments that are posted in the app and that match the services you want to offer. A standard bid is on average between SEK 900 - 1,800 for most categories.

Read more about how to become a Runner here !




TidyApp offers cleaning help in Stockholm. Gothenburg and Malmö.

Via their app, you as a helper can work with cleaning on your terms.  

When someone has booked cleaning via TidyApp, the booking becomes available to their helpers in the app, where you can choose which jobs you want to take.

Read more about how to become a helper on TidyApp here.



Uber is a well-known taxi service where anyone with a taxi driver's ID can apply to drive through them. However, they also offer a delivery service under Uber Eats, where you can also join to take assignments as a courier.  

Read more about being a courier at Uber  or to drive Taxi for them.



Bzzt drives everything that wants to be driven (Food, people, stuff) with its small electric, emission-free German EU mops. Is at least 18 years old, has a B or AM driving license, lives in Stockholm and likes to drive around in small cars, the assignments at Bzzt may be just right for you. 

Working hours are flexible with your own scheduling. You need to book and complete a work shift a week, but in addition you work as much or as little as you want. You start no earlier than 8.00 and end no later than 23.00. The salary is commission based (percentage on the amount run in) with a guaranteed salary of SEK 130 / h.

Read more about driving for Bzzt here!



TipTapp is an app where customers can report assignments when they need help with moving, deliveries or recycling.


As a helper at TipTapp, you use your own vehicle and choose when and to whom you want to offer your help. As an indication of what you can earn, a picker who makes 8 pickups in one day (8 hours) can normally earn SEK 2,000 after paying their own costs and tax. This is equivalent to SEK 320 in hourly wage before tax.

Read more about how to become a helper at Tiptapp here.




Smartify helps its customers with everything from new installations to problem solving in technology.  

At Smartify, there are various assignments where you can help individuals and companies to get their digital technology in order.  

Read more about how to take assignments via Smartify here.

What in the past was a bulletin board where you could offer your services has become a whole world of digital platforms where you can both offer your services or find assignments that are on demand.

Below we have tried to compile a number of these platforms and explain what types of assignments you can find on them and what income you can expect.

Good luck!



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