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Bapelsin is a fully automated company in your pocket. We handle everything from letting you charge your customers, ensuring they get a receipt and you a tax paid salary at the end of the month. Everything fully automated but always with full control.


                          Simply Bapelsin.



Vår Tjänst

This is Bapelsin

01. A modern Cash Register

With a few clicks in our app, you choose which service you sell for which price. The offer is sent to your customer via Mail & SMS in real time, where they directly or within the specified time confirm and pay for the service.

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My project.png

02. Swish Payments

Your customers can review their order before they with a few clicks settle the payment via Swish. You are in real time informed once the payment has been done.

03. Order Confirmation

Your customers receive an automated payment confirmation once the payment has been done. This also means that you don´t need any additional Cash Register when using Bapelsin.

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04. Salary the 25:th

You can follow your sales and income level in the Bapelsin App in real time. On the 25:th every month you will automatically receive a taxed sallary based on all your sales throughout the month on your bankaccount.

Be your own boss

With Bapelsin, it's easy to be your own boss. We support you all the way from charging your customers, taxing, finding customers and personal development, but always at your terms.

Om Oss

What do people say?

Lotta 22 years

I just want to be able to work extra when I'm not studying. But I can´t start a company just to earn a little extra, it is not worth it. Bapelsin takes care of that for me. It's like having your own company in your pocket!

Husse 44 years

I already have great contact with my customers, I don´t need the company I work for today. With Bapelsin, I can finally stand on my own two feet and get the salary increase I deserve!

Alexandra 37 years

I got to try Bapelsin early and was a bit skeptical at first, but the app makes it so easy to charge my customers and there are no fixed or hidden costs. I really only paid when I charged. The feeling when I had an taxed salary in my account the first time, without having done anything was magical. Thanks!

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