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Orange General Terms and Conditions 2022-05-01

1. Scope

1.1 These General Terms and Conditions regulate the terms of employment between Bapla AB, corporate identity no. 559142–1200 ("Orange") and individuals who apply for self-employment with Bapelsin ("Applicant") and persons who have obtained self-employment with Bapelsin ("Self-employed").

2. Employment

2.1 Self-employed, is an individual who chooses a fixed-term employment in accordance with § 5 1 pi law (1982: 80) on employment protection ("LAS") at Bapelsin. The applicant applies for employment with Bapelsin by registering via Bapelsin's application or website and accepting these terms of employment. The applicant applies for employment with Bapelsin based on the information that the applicant provides when registering in Bapelsin's application or website.


2.2 Only when Bapelsin approves the information by giving the Applicant access to the service does a fixed-term employment arise regarding fixed-term employment in accordance with section 5 of the Employment Protection Act (1982: 80). The employment is an intermittent employment, which means that there is no obligation for the Self-employed person to perform work for Bapelsin or be at Bapelsin's disposal, and Bapelsin is not obliged to prepare work for the Self-employed person. Every job is a new employment relationship.


2.3 In the event that Bapelsin for any reason does not approve the information provided and / or the assignment, an employment will not take place. An employment shall also not be considered to have taken place in the event that the Self-employed person has provided incorrect information.


2.4 The Self-employed person has the right to perform work under his own auspices or under the auspices of another company during the employment.

2.5 Users agree by registering with Bapelsin that credit information on Applicants or Self-employed can be obtained.

4. Insurance

4. 1 Provided that the Applicant / Self-employed  indicates the type of occupation correctly, Bapelsin will ensure that an accident insurance (tfo) and group life insurance (tgl) for the Self-employed person's work. It is the Self-employed person's responsibility to check that there is sufficient and correct insurance for the performance of a certain assignment.

4.2 Bapelsin can offer advantageous and price-competitive pension insurance through its cooperation with independent insurance brokers.

4.3 In the event that supplementary insurances must be taken out in certain industries and for certain types of assignments, these insurances are made at the expense of the Self-employed. It is the self-employed person's responsibility to have supplementary insurance before the assignment begins if required.

5. Termination of agreement

5.1 Bapelsin reserves the right to unilaterally terminate the agreement and revoke the invoice with immediate effect if the customer disputes the invoice and / or the following circumstances exist individually or several together:

- The employee has not performed work or has neglected to perform the assignment.

- The employee has not performed work or has neglected to perform the assignment.

- The employee has otherwise acted in bad faith and given incorrect or untrue information about the assignment, the scope of the assignment and other circumstances surrounding the assignment that could harm Bapelsin or the client / end customer.

6. Other

6.1 Bapelsin reserves the right to change the above text and agreement without prior notice.

6.2 The self-employed person is never entitled to use Bapelsin's business information when purchasing goods and / or services unless written consent is given in each case, nor the right to use Bapelsin's business information when submitting a quote or enter into an agreement in Bapelsin's name and / or on Bapelsin's behalf or in otherwise take any legally binding measure in addition to what Bapelsins system allows according to and Bapelsins Application.

18.2 equipment that the self-employed person may have received from the customer for the performance of assignments must be returned at the latest in connection with the termination of the assignment, or the earlier date specified by the customer. The self-employed person must return all business documents of any kind, such as company papers, correspondence, reports, summaries and registers.

18.3 the Self-employed person also declares by entering into an agreement with Bapelsin that he does not have a business ban, is fully healthy and able to work, and that he honestly and conscientiously assures that the information provided about him as a person and for the assignments he must perform is correct.

general conditions for self-employment: last updated 2018-04-17.

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